Rimetea village and Piatra Secuiului

Rimetea village and Piatra Secuiului

Best-known for its traditional white houses with green windows, Rimetea is one of the best-conserved and most beautiful rural attractions in Romania. It’s also the first village in the country that was granted the Europa Nostra award for the successful preservation of its architectural patrimony.

Known as Torocko in Hungarian and Eeisenburg in German, Rimetea has been inhabited for more than eight centuries. It was first mentioned in a written document in the second part of the 13th century although it was populated since the Roman time. Rimetea was for hundreds of years an important mining and blacksmiths’ center, witnessing both prosperous times as a commercial city and decay as a simple medieval village.

Piatra Secuiului (1128 m) rises steeply on the southern edge of the village, where its limestone cliffs appear impenetrable. However a very beautiful circuit trail goes from Rimetea to the neighboring village of Colțești over the top of this majestic ancient reef. The trail offers spectacular views over the surrounding area, the two villages mentioned before as well as the ruins of Colțești citadel.

One of the dream destinations of Romania, Rimetea is a fascinating village, one where locals made from the conservation of their unique patrimony a priority. In the fast-changing rural landscape of Romania, this is a rare image, one you’ll remember forever.

Tour Price: 100 EUR for one person. (75 EUR/pers. for goups of 2-3 people and 60 EUR/pers. for groups of 4-5 people)

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