Caraș Gorges

Caraș Gorges

Located about 120 km away from Timișoara, the Caraș Gorges are one of the longest and wildest gorges in Romania. Due to their beauty and scientific importance the area has been protected through the creation of a natural reserve , included nowadays in the Semenic-Cheile Carașului National Park.

Our day will take us through their lower part from Carașova to Prolaz glade, on our way we can visit a couple of caves, Văleaga and Peștera de după Cârșe. Moving on upstream we reach a large meadow from which we can see the massive entrance to the Liliecilor (Bats') cave on the opposite bank of the stream. We follow the trail upstream, surrounded by the high walls of the gorges, sometimes covered in ivy and pass another small cave, Peștera din drumul Prolazului. When the weather is hot, there are several spots where we can jump in the stream's waters to cool off or to clean up after visiting the caves. One of the easiest to visit here is Peștera de sub Cetate II, which impresses through its silex seams in the limestone mass of rocks. Further on we reach Prolaz glade where we will cross the stream in order to head back towards Carașova on a trail going on top of the gorge cliffs. However, before crossing we head upstream for another few hundred meters and we reach the narrowest part of the gorges, also called the Caraș Canyon. The way back is quite spectacular too, with beautiful views over the gorges from the top, and an easy walk among villagers' cottages once on top.

Tour Price: 80 EUR for one person. (60 EUR/pers. for goups of 2-3 people and 50 EUR/pers. for groups of 4-5 people)

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